When Jesus tells you to remain, there’s much to lose as well as gain.
You must cast some old ways aside so that in Him you can abide.
At times some good things must be lost, for that can be part of the cost.
Two masters you can never serve, but love for Him alone reserve.

Abiding in the Lord will gain much more than help in time of pain.
There is a rest that’s found in Him, a rest when everything looks grim.
The Word of God tells us the way; the battle’s His, we hear Him say.
So walk by faith and not by sight, trusting in Him and not your might.

There is a perfect peace for those who bring their striving to a close.
The way it comes is death to self, putting your own ways on the shelf.
It’s called submitting to His will, letting Him help you climb each hill.
And then He tells you to remain, for peace on earth and heav’n to gain.

So be not faint of heart my friend, for soon will come a glorious end.
There will be times you cannot see how you can possibly be free.
In time you’ll see it was God’s hand that held you in the past to stand.
There is no other way to live….it’s life that only Christ can give.

Ralph E. Johnson
August, 2009