Father God, we come to Thee, naught but poor humanity:
God of mercy, God of grace, how You love our fallen race,
Sent Your Son our sins to bear, even when we did not care;
Father God, we come to Thee, with our praise on bended knee.

Jesus, Jesus, God giv’n Name,                                                                                                    Jesus, Jesus, You’re the same,                                                                                                       Yesterday forever more,                                                                                                                Jesus, Your name we adore.
Jesus, at your Name knees bow,                                                                                                      May each tongue confess You now;
High above in heaven You reign,                                                                                                 Jesus, Name above all names.

Holy Spirit, sent to earth so that we might have new birth;
Guide our steps into the Way Jesus walked, we humbly pray.
Give us pow’r to heal the sick, cast out demons that afflict;
Father, Jesus, Spirit, THREE, Holy Blessed Trinity.

Ralph E. Johnson
December 2005