Divine Healing

Divine Healing Lesson 04: Further Insights on Divine Healing

The greatest obstacle to receiving a “gift of healing” is usually the person and not the disease. Almighty God has no difficulty raising the dead, healing cripples, restoring sight or setting captives free from oppression. John Wesley once said, “Get on fire for God and then let people come and watch you burn!” It’s because a pursuit of God … Continue reading

Divine Healing Lesson 03: ‘Principles from the ‘Farm’

There are principles in scripture which apply to divine healing in the name of Jesus by the power of he Holy Spirit. These form a setting wherein “gifts of healing” are more likely to manifest than in absence of these principles being applied. However, they are never to be considered a formula for healing. God does promise blessings for all who … Continue reading

Divine Healing Lesson 02: The Desire of God to Heal

I’ve often heard preachers invite people to receive prayer for a disease or sickness, saying “God may want to heal someone today!”  It saddens me when those appointed shepherds over sheep are so unfamiliar with the Word of God as to make such a statement. In many instances they are made in ignorance by those who attended bible schools and seminaries promoting a heresy … Continue reading

Divine Healing Lesson 01: Spiritual and Physical Healing

Medicine has universally recognized many physical ailments being related at least in part to mental and emotional health. Effects of stress and anxiety on blood pressure and the function of the heart was recognied long before 1954 when I entered medical school. While a mind-body connection is widely accepted, Western medicine persists in drawing a sharp line concerning spiritual health and disease. There is relatively little … Continue reading

Divine Healing (Intro to Lessons)

There is a heresy that miracles and divine healing came to an end in the first century. It is as Paul prophesied: “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing apirits, and  doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1). Satan has bewitched entire denominations to believe healing … Continue reading