Jesus, I would walk today in Your steps along the Way;
May Your Spirit be my guide like a shepherd at my side.
Help me speak with love and care to the needy in despair;
And when danger comes along, let Your praises be my song.

Jesus, it’s my prayer today that I’ll do just what You say.
When You say, “Take up a cross,” let me never mind the cost.
Give me strength to follow Thee through the desert, ‘cross the sea;
Help me do what’s pure and right, and for others be a light.

Jesus, I would sing Your praise, and my hands in worship raise.
You’re the soon and coming King, let the glad hosannas ring.
Soon You’ll come to claim Your bride, those becoming sanctified.
‘Til then I would walk each day in Your steps along the way.

Ralph E. Johnson
September 1996