Spiritual Warfare

Introduction To Lessons

The subject of spiritual warfare is too multifaceted to cover fully in this series. But one must begin somewhere as there little teaching on the subject in most churches, be they denominational or independent. Hopefully what we present may serve as an introduction to a subject unfamiliar to a vast majority of believers. Scripture makes it clear a fierce battle has been … Continue reading

Taking The Offense

The salvation (Greek soteria) Jesus came to bring was not merely to be spared the wrath of a just and righteous God over sin as commonly preached from pulpits. Soteria is translated as deliverance and health as well as to save. As already noted, John tells that Jesus came to destroy the devil’s work, including healing of physical disease as … Continue reading

Defensive Weapons

  It is common to hear new believers say that life has become more difficult in certain ways. There are several explanations for this. At times, it is a consequence of having been offered cheap gracc by false apostles who promise elimination of problems, assurance of wants being met, and guarantee of a first-class ticket to heaven by just repeating a ‘sinner’s prayer.’ In such … Continue reading

Recognizing Demonic Activity

It’s long been said the best way of identifying counterfeit money is careful study of the genuine so any deviation is readily detected. The same is true in medicine where the study of normal x-rays and scans is key to recognizing abnormalities. And the same applies to recognizing demonic activity. All unrighteousness is sin, and some degree of suspicion … Continue reading

How The Enemy Works

The creation story tells Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, in beginning their family. It is also apparent the LORD made known a desire to receive offerings as Cain brought fruit from his farming while Abel brought the firstborn of his flock and fat thereof (Genesis 4:3,4). It would also seem the LORD … Continue reading

Who Is The Enemy?

There are two kingdoms to consider in spiritual warfare: the kingdom of heaven (or God) and that ruled by Satan. The word “kingdom” in NT scripture is translated from the Greek basileia which means a place where a king rules or reigns. Those in the kingdom of God have life marked by “righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy … Continue reading