You’ve made it very clear, my Lord, that salting I will see,
With fire that’s meant to purify and kill the flesh in me;
Let me not shun the grief and pain ‘till all Your work is done;
Please give me every grace I need for this long race to run.

You know just what is needed, Lord, to make me pure within,
How best to turn my eyes away from self and tempting sin;
So when the wind and waves rise up, and storm clouds fill the sky,
Help me accept that’s how we learn our God to glorify.

So purge away the worthless dross, for there’s no other way,
You cannot bring me into light, and let the darkness stay;
Cleanse me as only You can do, complete what You’ve begun;
I’ll come to see each loss as gain, when everything is done.

I know the fire will never burn much hotter than it must
To have Your perfect will take place, in that I fully trust;
So come, O blessed fire of God, burn brightly in my soul;
Consume what hinders pleasing You, refine and make me whole.

Ralph E. Johnson
March 2001