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Entering into the Kingdom

When Jesus speaks to Nicodemas of entering the kingdom of God (John 3:5). it involves not only begin witness to righteousness. peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14: 17) but manifesting power of the Spirit to advance the kingdom of God in face of opposition (Matthew 11:12). Man lost that witness in Eden … Continue reading

Hooked on HOPE

Hooked on Hope is the true story of one man’s attempt to find self-acceptance and contentment by what the world promotes as “success.” When fame and wealth failed to satisfy emptiness in the heart of this cancer specialist, alcohol and substance abuse took charge. The result was moral, emotional, and spiritual bankruptcy. Only when hope … Continue reading

Saving Faith

Scripture tells us we cannot please God without faith, and that only through faith is it possible to be saved. The meaning of faith is important for all who would confess Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. This book takes an in-depth look at the kind of faith that is saving from a biblical … Continue reading

“Come, Follow Me”

“Come, Follow Me” had its birth in a dream. After forty years of practice as an oncologist, Ralph Johnson answered a call of God to treat cancer of the soul in the jail and prison system. A common obstacle to evangelism was the free-of-cost salvation and cheap grace believed by many of the inmates. Then … Continue reading


The Old Testament story of Gideon is a type or illustration of steps needed for a revival following a time of complacency and backsliding. True revival is marked by sincere repentance, an inner change of attitude reflected in an outer change of behavior. This story reveals several principals highlighting a revival that help distinguish genuine … Continue reading


It’s one thing to be delivered from Egypt through faith in Jesus Christ. Living in the Promised Land is something else. The story of the Exodus contains a number of lessons about this and Paul tells us what took place is written down so we might avoid the mistakes of Israel. They had a promise … Continue reading

Elementary Teachings About Christ

God has not changed, nor has His Word. But teaching of Scripture has changed and, as a result, the exciting Church of the first century is all but impossible to find today in the United Stated or highly industrialized countries of Europe. A form of godliness has emerged which denies power to radically save the … Continue reading